Visual Perception Course 3rd & 10th February 2023

Visual Perception: An evidence based approach to assessment and intervention of visual perceptual difficulties for Occupational Therapists working with children with developmental disorders.

Course Objectives: By the end of the two day course participants should be able to:
-Understand the theoretical constructs behind visual perceptual skills and the part visual perception plays in the entire visual system.
-Have a knowledge and understanding of current research in the area of visual perception in children with developmental disorders.
-Assess children’s visual perceptual and related skills in an evidence based way.
-Implement intervention strategies for visual perceptual difficulties as part of the intervention process.

This course is appropriate for senior and basic grade Occupational Therapists working in the area of paediatrics with children with developmental disorders (DCD, ADHD etc).

Course Outline: (9.30-4.30 each day) Includes presentations, workshops, videos, case studies and group discussions.
Day One:
Morning: – Definitions of Visual Perception,
– Visual perception and the visual system; what OTs need to know,
– Myths surrounding Visual Perception with children with developmental disorders

Afternoon: – Relevant research regarding visual perceptual assessment, commonly used assessment tools, relationship between visual perceptual difficulties and functional skills,
– A hierarchical model of visual perception and functional visual skills.
Day Two:
Morning: – Assessment; including assessment of visual pursuits and ocular motor control, visual perception and visual cognitive skills, when onward referral is necessary.
Afternoon: – Intervention; how to target interventions to achieve optimum outcomes,
– Applying an occupational performance perspective to intervention for visual skills and visual perceptual difficulties.

What previous course participants had to say:
‘Extremely interesting eye opening course, lots of practical applications’
‘I learned so much about how to assess, and useful activities for visual processing skills’
‘Really appreciated the emphasis on clinical reasoning’
‘Delivery was great, very clearly explained. Great presentation on research’
‘Love the checklist and the clinical reasoning tool’
‘I found the online delivery very effective throughout the course. Break out rooms worked well too’ 
‘Well paced, very informative, clear and concise’
‘One of the most practical and useful courses I’ve been on, all paediatric OTs should do this course’
‘I really enjoyed the online aspect which surprised me. It also meant that the break times were really restorative’

Course Fee: This two day course is €230. Please contact Charlotte Sullivan for further information or to make a booking for the next course.
If you would like to host this course in the future, please let me know.
Email: [email protected]